10 Pcs Shower Head Cleaning Brush Reusable Small Brush Phone Hole Ect.

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Set Of 10 Brush, A Great Gift To Family And Friends.

Features: Reusable 100% New And High Quality (MADE IN JAPAN)

Protection Against Other Waste, Easy To Use, Easy To Use,

Shower Head Anti-Clogging Cleaning Brush, for Window Slot, Car Vent, S –  GizModern

Common Uses Include: Cleaning Drink Straws, Hummingbird Feeders, Airbrushes, Mobile Pins, Paint Spray Guns, Tattoo Equipment, Small Nozzles, Keyboards, Sewing Machines, Carburetor Passages

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Our Shower Head Nozzle Cleaning Brush features a  spirally fine bristle, which scrubs away stubborn built-up stains inside the shower head holes. It can penetrate deep into crevices and small holes to  thoroughly clean blockages. Instantly unclog to emit a powerful water stream with more stable water pressure while saving energy!

EASY TO USE - Simply insert it into the pipe vertically and rotate. Don't be surprised, you will see all the dirt staying on bristles! With the soft & highly flexible bristle, it can be used to clean holes without damaging the inside. Ideal for shower head, washstands, kitchen sinks, mobile phone data ports and more.


  • Fix Clogged Shower Head
    These bristles scrub away stubborn built-up stains inside the shower head holes. Instantly unclog to emit a powerful water stream with more stable water pressure while saving energy.

Shower Head Nozzle Cleaning Brush (Set of 10pcs) – usimaginever

  • Spirally Fine Brush Head
    Specially used for efficient and in-depth cleaning, can penetrate deep into crevices and small holes to thoroughly clean blockages.

  • Durable Material
    Made of nylon which is waterproof, wear-resistant and easy to clean. Bringing you high durability and versatility.

【Townhouse Design】

10 packs of row design, take it as you use it, easy to store. You can keep some at home, some for carrying around or share with friends.

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Easy To Use

Simply insert it into the pipe, rotate it, remove and wash it. With the soft but durable bristles, it can be used to clean holes and does not scratch the inside. The non-slip handle design with concave and convex lines makes it more convenient to handle.

►【Durable Material】

These cleaning brushes are made of polypropylene while bringing you durability and versatility. The bristles are made of nylon which is both resistant and easy to clean.


 Our durable cleaning brush is very flexible and will not break easily. It is often used at home, not only for showers in the bathroom but also for faucet sprinklers in washstands, kitchen sinks, smart toilet flushing nozzles, mobile phone data ports, and other small holes and seams.


✔Well-spaced bristles design, particles rinse away easily.

✔Durable, strong but soft nylon bristles for cleaning.

✔The perfect tool for stainless, silicone, and glass gap hole.

✔Should be dried well after each use and stored in a dry place.

✔Multi-purpose, convenient for cleaning specific stuff and corners hard to access.


-Handle: Polypropylene

-Brush: Nylon

-Wire: Stainless Steel

Color: White

Weight: 12 g / 0.03 bl

Size: 6 * 0.8cm / 2.36 * 0.32 Inches

Brush Head Size: 1 cm / 0.39 Inches

Heat Resistance Temperature: 100℃

Package Included:

10*Shower nozzle cleaning brush

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