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3D Printing Pen Starter Kit - Includes 3D Pen, Stencil Book + Project Guide

3D Printing Pen Starter Kit - Includes 3D Pen, Stencil Book + Project Guide

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3D Printing Pen Starter Kit - Includes 3D Pen, Stencil Book + Project Guide
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  • Can be reused: the 3D Printer Drawing Molds fits on any filament. Erasing does not affect paper damage. Please cover the PVC transparent board in the suit on the pictures.You can use repeatedly 3D Printing Pen Paper Stencils
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  • Help with drawing: 20 different 3D Printer Drawing Molds, 40 different patterns to help you draw beautiful works better.
  • Easy to use: 3D Printer Drawing Molds is very easy to use. Just follow the trail and draw on the paper. Then glue all of the pieces together.
  • Artixt Original 3D Printing Pen - GadgetAMP
  • Wide range of applications: The 3D Printing Pen Paper Stencil is suitable for children over 8 years of age and adults, whether you are an artist, an amateur or a creative lover.
  • After-sales guarantee: after receiving the 3D Printer Drawing Molds, you have any questions, contact us, we will solve for you, give you the best service, Thank you for your cooperation.
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    A beautiful gift for children and adults -- the HOMME STORE 3D print pen is the perfect gift for children. It helps to improve their spatial thinking skills and encourage their creative imagination. Create quality time and a colorful world for the family

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  • Box Contents:

     1 x drawing Play 3D Pen and Holder.

    • 1 x 1.5m USB Cable (USB Power Adapter not included).
    • Filament Packs
    • 1 x Quick Start Guide.
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    • How to Use


      • 1. Connect USB cable one end to the pen and other end to power source through DC 5V ~ 3A.
      • 2. Press the power button . The light will turn red to show 3D Pen is heating up.
      • 3. When the light turn blue means the pen is ready for use . Insert one end of filament into the loading hole . Insert the filament gently until it reaches the stop . Press and hold insert button and you will notice that the filament gently being fed into the pen.
      • 4. When you see the filament appears at the nozzle .Press and then release the print button for continues printing.
      • 5. To pause printing press and then release the Print button.
      • 6. To speed up printing press (+) button. To slow down printing,press (-).NOTE: There are 4 speed settings.
      • 7. To retract the filament, press and hold the power button .
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