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Elastic Wire Rope Camping Telescopic Burglar Chain Key Chain(Pack Of 2 Pcs)

Elastic Wire Rope Camping Telescopic Burglar Chain Key Chain(Pack Of 2 Pcs)

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This is 2 pcs, the picture is the front and back of the product.

Product weight

  • 30G

Product size
(L x W x H)

  • 8×5×2cm / 3.1×2×0.8inch

Package contents

  • Elastic retractable key ring × 2 pcs


ABS shell + metal shackle + steel rope

  • When you open the door, look for the key for a long time. When you need the key, you can easily access the retractable key ring.

  • It is inconvenient to hold the mobile phone when you go out or feel safe when you put it in your pocket. The spring lanyard buckle can easily hold the cell phone and put it in your pocket, preventing it from being lost and dropped.

Main characteristics

  • Easy to use:
    The retractable key fob can realize that the person and the key are not separated, and It is not necessary to take out the key when unlocking, just take out the wire rope. The steel wire rebounds and recovers automatically after unlocking, and the maximum stretched length of the steel wire is about 60cm.

  • Strong Steel Rope:
    The strength of high quality rope is 15 times that of ordinary steel rope, which is tough and durable. Made of retractable 1mm high tensile steel wire, it can stretch and slide smoothly, is easy to access and won't wear out in daily use.

  • Wide range of applications:
    Not only can be used as a keychain, but also can easily carry small tools, such as bottle opener, nail clippers, card, car key, etc., ideal for daily life , work or outdoor activities.

  • Portable:
    The spring-type carabiner design is adopted, and the strong rope can easily fix the keychain on the belt loop, pocket hem, buttonhole, wallet and backpack, etc., with good fixing performance .

  • Durable materials:
    The retractable key ring is made of ABS shell + metal shackle + steel rope. It is durable and can withstand over 100,000 pulls. It can be used for a long time.

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