Gas Stove Knob Cover Kitchen Oven Knobs Cover Childsafety Locks Gas Cooker Switch Protector for Baby Kids,2 Pcs

Rs. 595 Rs. 999
Widely covering the most of gas stove switch knob, can effectively protect the baby touching or playing in the kitchen,which will assure home safety.
Size:  65mm
Materials: PC
Package:  2Pcs

Gas Stove Knob Cover – CRAYZON

Gas stove cover made of  PC materials, its high transparency, and parent can always pay attention to whether the switch is close or not.

No tools installed, and easy to fix with its backing adhesive sticker.

kitchen stove cover

Transparent safety stove protector/PC material safety stove protector


Applicable to all types of gas cooker knob switches, can prevent the baby opening oven switch, causinga a fire or gas poisoning and other accident. 

gas stove cover

gas stove cover




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