Mobile Phone Dustproof Net Stickers Speaker Mesh Anti Dust Proof Protection Film(24 pcs)

Rs. 589 Rs. 999
Material: metal
Application: mobile phone speaker
Compatible: Suitable for All mobile phone

Package Included:

24 pcs mobile phone dust film (small ang big)

Long-term use of the mobile phone causes a large amount of dust to enter the volume hole, which is difficult to clean and affects the normal use of the mobile phone. Use Mobile Phone Dustproof Net Sticker to eliminate dust on the bell mouth and keep away from the trouble of dust accumulation.
Mobile Phone Dustproof Net Stickers :can effectively prevent dust from entering the earphone hole without affecting the sound transmission. It is dust-proof and splash-proof and easy to use
Soft And Thin:Using high-density fiber material, upgraded fine mesh, soft and thin, after thousands of dust-proof experiments, it can effectively prevent dust from entering.

Does Not Affect Sound Quality :Mobile Phone Dustproof Net Sticker is very light and thin, and does not affect the call and volume.


Dust-proof And Splash-proof:The ultra-fine mesh woven, with a nano-level waterproof film attached to the surface, effectively reduces the ingress of ash and water.



Applicable To Multiple Models:Mobile Phone Dustproof Net Stickers are suitable for most smartphone horns, including iPhone, Huawei, Samsung, etc.



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